History of Lion Stationery

Since 1971

Lion Stationery Co Lion Stationery was setup in May 1971. Operations began from a rented half shop-space at Cross Street. Stationery was bought from importers and subsequently sold to retailers and to a small Indonesian clientele. Turnover was limited.
In line with the calling to strive for excellence, the company established itself through rapid growth. In 1972, the company became distribution for Japanese brands and business expanded to major cities in East, West Malaysia and Indonesia. 

1973 - 1977

Between 1973 and 1977, business activities in Indonesia made giant strides resulting in the non-availablility of space. Consequently the company leased additional premises at a nearby warehouse and also recruited more staff.

Since 1985

With the volume of business increasing steadily, the company in 1985 and 1987 invested $3,500,000 to purchase two three-storey units for both administrative and storage purposes. The greatly enhanced godown space and the recruitment of better qualified personnel gave rise to unrestrained organisational enlargement in the ten years that followed. 


Distribution rights were acquired over well-known brands from Japan, China and Taiwan. Commercial inroads were made progressively into  Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, Maldives, Papua New Guinea and several other countries.

Lion Stationery Co Pte Ltd is now in good general standing and business has been well-regionalised. Such achievements were attained only with the presence of the management and the staff. The augmentation of the collaborative support and the trust of the company's driving desire to take its accomplishments to new heights. The company has all along committed to providing top quality products and services to its clients.

In order to tackle the ever-changing needs of the market, no efforts have been spared to secure sources of supply worldwide. To face the challenges in the era of the knowledge economy, the company will keep abreast of trends and will be engaged in integrated networking exercises to present to this part of the world a comprehensive range of refined stationery. 


  Humble beginning in 1971

Historical location of Lion Stationery Co. Pte Ltd

  Our Headquarter Office Today

Lion Stationary corporate building today

Brands We Distribute

ArtlineChunbeChung HwaCarl Tokyo

Data BankDBestELMExcell

FasterGoldLionInterTapeKiddy Clay


NittakuNTPolar BearScripti

SliontecSonicSRSun Flower